ART - Academy 1990-1996

My unsuccessful attempts to enter the Academy of Fine Arts directed me to several new forms of expression. After 1989, when some private universities were founded, I decided to try my chance anew. Though I had given up any matriculation, I cherished the idea of learning and devoting myself to the studio work. I realized that I had to ignore the classic studies required at the Academy entrance examination; I started to discover myself, to re-educate my thinking, to readjust my regard and hand. In order to get rid of the old patterns, I used my left hand both in the drawing sketches after a model and in approaching the so-called difficult themes. Thus I was able to see other aspects of art and relate my work to contemporary world art. The latest books and albums, my contact with French and German civilizations were a compulsory link to present-day art.

At the Luceafarul Academy, I met interesting fellows belonging to different milieus, and we got on very well together.

But I must add that Prof. Teodor Moraru was the man who taught me to understand art the way it was, and I have wholly benefitted of his exquisite knowledge and pedagogic gifts.

For me, the studio we shared at the Academy was everything: a place to study and practice painting and experimenting the collage technique, a place were able to discuss and comment books.

After 1994, I could exhibit on the same cymas with Horia Bernea, Neculai Paduraru, Ion Bitzan, Marin Gherasim and others. That made me trust my abilities and wish to work even more. It was the moment I felt like paving my own way, the moment I decided to "extend" the studio at home.

The six academic years were decisive for my artistic vocation, and I often long for this wonderful period of the past.

Beti Vervega