ART - Clip 1998-1999

"I've always been interested in fragments..."

Beti Vervega could say in a post or neo-pop compass, in a voice with Claes Oldemburg, the septuagenarian conceptor of humble giantified objects, interested, with humor and vigilance, in the hot capillarity between art and "instant" life. "I believe that one of the big differences between an artist's vision and a regular person's view is that artists see fragmentary", said the scandic new-yorker. "They have the tendency to be very subjective about their point of view. If I walk down the street I see only certain things and wish to be faithful to this very vision.

Beti Vervega walks down the street looking at the shop-windows which, most of the times, reflect her image with her face stripped by lit sings. Why doesn't this hyperstesic creator practice the advertising graphic arts or electronic arts in the urban visual field? Because Beti Vervega is structurally a painter, and her deep sensitivity nourishes a saturnine view over the world, a view which cuts - membra siecta - the everyday visual. Then, convening an esthetic elegance of the clip, which means a details' cut, the artists fits again the pieces of the mediatic self-portrait in the coloured and tonic order of nowadays' patchwork.

A work of art should always teach us that we have not seen only what is to be seen. Each new cycle signed by Beti Vervega is the transcription of an already unmistakable tonus in the actual moment of our painting.

Aurelia Mocanu