ART - Fragments 1996-1997

The visual memory retains "fragments" from nature, from the environment, from everyday life with a positive impact on the eye.
Such "fragments" stay in the subconsciousness and appear with an amazing strength when we expect them.

That was the reason which pushed me into expressing with less "strings attached", using powerful colors, trying to "invent" and sometimes "play" a theme, avoiding the typical monotony of "easy" compositions, trying to reconstruct different images from the environment, including the post-1990 ads.

These new images are linked to a series of characters that live between dream and reality.
I am quite interested in the life people lead, mainly in the changes we undergo, due to the tribulations and frustrations we face daily.
I am trying to find my own "language", to de-construct and re-construct different fragments and forms, to visually transpose as much as possible from our fleeting millennium so that, later on, to be able to pick out the images already experienced.

Beti Vervega