ART - Spaces 2001-2004

From the enormous space which separates us from the culture and civilization of another continent to the space which brings us together, through fragments, worlds, shapes and colours...

Just like in a game of puzzle expecting a certain spiritual ordering...

Romania-Africa-Romania, this going-to-and-coming-back has put on me a definite hallmark which, after I returned home, on different coordinates, made my readjustment last more than expected.

The drawings I made in Africa - models, masks, sculptures - and the local colours turned into themes requiring a sound analysis.

It is a period of major changes, both in my own self and in my relationship with the others, having consequences in my creation. After almost four years, I started the theme Step. In fact, it is a stylized motif of a hand, a hand born out of an effort, out of my desire to change myself: it is the fragment of hand I painted in Africa. This very motif made me simplify the surface and reduce colour, offering to the black-and-white combination an essential role if placed in the vicinity of a certain shade.

I think that the period I entitled Spaces was quite difficult, though it proved benefic from many points of view. It made me rearrange priorities and simplify my life. The work on the pictorial surface acquired a different meaning.

I am still concerned with the fragment-object, but in a more elaborate hypostasis. I tried in Africa and after I came back to work and "round off" the idea of the cut-up object starting from the signs discovered in The Hand cycle.

Beti Vervega