Green Life

Everything changes swiftly from day to day; sometimes we have no time to keep pace with the changes taking place on earth, we cannot even share our spare time with our family or friends, think about ourselves and, particularly, contemplate nature.

We prefer to go shopping in a hypermarket than walking in open air or meditating in a church.

We often have not the courage to wonder who we, in fact, are and what we really want to do.

Why did we get to it?

Most of us live in town, far from the real nature. By bringing nature at our place, by growing flowers, plants, even small trees, we become calmer, more sympathetic, more generous. If you have ever saved, taken care and loved a flower, you have certainly been rewarded by the way the flower was grateful to you.

Whenever I plant, water or arrange flowers, I actually forget my concerns and I am amazed at what they can offer me.

In the end we are the Earth, I mean, a part of it. Let's love it the way it deserves!