Space Design

In less than four years I had to move into six different apartments whom I had to furnish or rearrange. And... little by little I became interested in space design.

The friend I had at the university lived in a room in which there was only a bed and a small bookcase; whenever I used to pay her a visit, I felt very happy.

Before leaving for Africa, I sold and gave away everything we possessed in the apartment; we took with us only some clothes.

While travelling in Nigeria, I had the opportunity to visit a native's little house; I could see inside only one mattress, a basket with children's clothes and two plastic bowls. That was all!

I simply thought: Why do we need more furniture, more objects? Why do we modify and divide the space we live in?

I noticed that a lot of people arrange their places alike: they make arches with light spots, they frame with glass their balconies a.s.o.

I think we should arrange the space we live in according to our personality and family needs, and avoid imitating certain models. The rooms should be decorated as simply as possible, they should be cosy, hospitable and soothing, so that when, after a hard working day, we come back home, to feel protected and surrounded by love.

Before decorating a space, I usually have a talk with the people who are going to live there in order to learn their preferences and tastes.

I have recently read Design Yourself, the book written by the famous designer Karim Rashid. Although I did not agree with all his ideas, I learned a lot of interesting things meant to change our habits and help us improve our lives.